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 Bid|Ask 1347.59   1347.71
 Low|High 1331.7   1350.24
 Change 19.24 1.45%
Mar 23, 2018 14:47:23 EST
 1 Month +18.88   +1.42%
 1 Year +101.92 +8.18%
  Low|High 1,204.72 1,366.08

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 Bid|Ask 16.56   16.57
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 Change 0.17 1.04%
Mar 23, 2018 14:47:39 EST
 1 Month +0.05   +0.31%
 1 Year -1.02 -5.81%
 Low|High $14.16 $18.65

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 Bid|Ask 948.7   951.2
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 Change 1.16 0.12%
Mar 23, 2018 14:47:35 EST
 1 Month -44.57   -4.49%
 1 Year -12.68 -1.32%
  Low|High 873.30 1,027.81

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 Bid|Ask 976.35   978.8
 Low|High 975.5   989.71
 Change -7.87 -0.8%
Mar 23, 2018 14:47:43 EST
 1 Month -70.8   -6.76%
 1 Year +176.7 +22.1%
  Low|High 751.35 1,138.62


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GOLD STOCK MINING NEWS Centerra Gold Reports Restart of Second Ball Mill Circuit at Mount Milligan
03-23-2018 | Gold Stock News

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03-23-2018 | Silver Stock News

GOLD STOCK MINING NEWS Agnico Eagle Completes NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Meadowbank Gold Complex in Nunavut
03-23-2018 | Gold Stock News

GOLD STOCK MINING NEWS Northern Dynasty: US Army Corps of Engineers releases Scoping Information for Pebble Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
03-23-2018 | Gold Stock News

GOLD STOCK MINING NEWS Rubicon Minerals Announces its 2017 Financial Results and Continues Test Mining Activities at the Phoenix Gold Project
03-23-2018 | Gold Stock News

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  Friday Edition:   March 23, 2018

Hidden No More, The Currency Wars Take Center Stage
By: Nathan McDonald

The market stands on a sinkhole, waiting for the next feather to drop. A feather that will bring down the system and send us into another economic crisis that will make the 2008 crash look like an opening act. For years, I and many others within the precious metals space have written about a hidden war unfolding behind the scenes. To those with wide open eyes, you can see it, you can feel it.

Trading Barbs Down To The Wire
By: Brady Willett

The opening salvos have been fired and the body count could soon start piling up. No, I am not talking about the steel and aluminum tariffs announced by Trump a couple of weeks ago (which seemed to be more of a ploy to try and encourage favorable NAFTA/trade negotiations rather than a real act of ‘war’). Rather, the sides doing battle now are the world’s two biggest economic guns – the U.S. and China!

Gold Juniors’ Q4’17 Fundamentals
By: Adam Hamilton, CPA

The junior gold miners’ stocks have spent much of the past year grinding sideways near lows, sapping confidence and breeding widespread bearishness. The entire precious-metals sector has been left for dead, eclipsed by the dazzling taxphoria stock-market rally. But traders need to keep their eyes on the fundamental ball so herd sentiment doesn’t mislead them. The juniors’ recent Q4 results proved quite strong.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Bill Murphy and Chris Waltzek

Bill Murphy of returns with his perspective on the PMs sector.
Savvy central banks around the globe recognize the strategic significance of bullion as sound money as seen by the continuing trend of PMs accumulation.
Russia recently added several tons of 70 lbs. silver bars to the national stockpile.
The silver bullion market is vulnerable to a short-squeeze, merely one billionaire could corner the silver market - according to Forbes, there are currently,425 billionaires, worldwide.

Markets Have Gone “Thelma and Louise”
By: Gary Christenson

The movie “Thelma and Louise” was released in 1991. One theme it discussed was “crossing over” or going beyond the point of no return. The consequences were tragic. Markets occasionally experience “Thelma and Louise” moments when they “cross over” into a new phase. The results are usually traumatic.

Debt Cycles and Gold
By: Arkadiusz Sieron

There are a range of factors which drive the Kondratiev waves. Following Schumpeter, we have focused so far on technological innovations. However, debt cycles are also a key. What are they? The debt cycles are comprised of alternate leveraging and deleveraging of debt. The former occurs when people incur debt, increasing the debt-to-income ratio, or the debt-to-assets ratio. The latter is the opposite, so it means paying back the debts, which leads to the decrease in the amount of debt relative to wages or assets.

Global Trade War Fears See Precious Metals Gain And Stocks Fall
By: GoldCore

– Market turmoil as trade war concerns deepen and Trump appoints war hawk Bolton
– Oil, gold and silver jump as ‘Russia China Hawk’ Bolton appointed
– Oil up 4%, gold up 2.2% and silver up 1.6% this week (see table)
– Stocks down sharply – Nikkei down 4.5%, SPX 4.3% and Nasdaq 5.5%
– Bolton scares jittery markets already shell-shocked by US’ tariffs against China
– Currency wars and trade wars tend to proceed actual wars
– Gold now outperforming stocks year to date (see table)

  Thursday Edition:   March 22, 2018

Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold and Silver Pare Yesterday’s Gains; Dow Drops 700+
By: Chris Mullen, Gold Seeker Report

SSR Mining begins drilling at Eagle Plains (TSX-V: EPL) Fisher Gold Property
By: Nicholas LePan,

Worried About Rising Rates? I Believe this Strategy Could Be the Answer
By: Frank Holmes

Is It The Trade War Threats Or Extreme Overvaluation?
By: Dave Kranzler

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Peter Schiff and Chris Waltzek

When Is Three Better for Gold Than Four?
By: Arkadiusz Sieron

Mining Gold and Silver From Bombs
By: Rory Hall

Golden Arrow Starts Drilling at Antofalla Silver-Gold-Base Metal Project, Argentina
By: Golden Arrow Resources Corporation

Gold +1.8%, Silver +2.5% As Fed Increases Rates And Trade War Looms
By: GoldCore

  Wednesday Edition:   March 21, 2018

Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold and Silver Gain Roughly 2% After Fed
By: Chris Mullen, Gold Seeker Report

Ira Epstein's Metals Video 3 21 2018
By: Ira Epstein

JPMorgan's Domination of COMEX Silver
By: Craig Hemke

Can Central Banks Manage the Deflation of an Everything Bubble?
By: Graham Summers

No, gold leased from central banks doesn't always have to be returned
By: Chris Powell

Why the World’s Central Banks hold Gold – In their Own Words
By: Ronan Manly

WATCH OUT BELOW: Dow Jones Index Next Stop… 19,000
By: Steve St. Angelo

Additional Signs for PMs Amid Increasing FOMC Tension
By: Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA

Credit Concerns In U.S. Growing As LIBOR OIS Surges to 2009 High
By: GoldCore

  Tuesday Edition:   March 20, 2018

Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold and Silver Fall Before Fed Day
By: Chris Mullen, Gold Seeker Report

Ira Epstein's Metals Video 3 20 2018
By: Ira Epstein

Fed Day: Mr. Market Meets Mr. Hyde
By: Stewart Thomson

Bear Stearns – A Different Opinion
By: Theodore Butler

Here’s What Inflation Could Look Like in 2020, Based on Past Surges
By: Jeff Clark

Politics And Investing
By: Axel Merk

Jack Chan's Weekly Precious Metals Update
By: Jack Chan

Does Weiner really know what central bankers think better than they themselves do?
By: Chris Powell

Another look at gold’s true fundamentals
By: Steven Saville

The Crypto Market Conundrum
By: Ryan Wilday

Please Introduce Yourself, Mr. Powell. Gold Awaits You
By: Arkadiusz Sieron

A Glimpse Of Precious Metal Mining’s Future: Hecla Buys Klondex For 59% Premium
By: John Rubino

With Rollback, Dodd-Frank Is Now Officially a Dud
By: Frank Holmes

Eagle Plain’s Partner SSR Mining Commences 18,000m Drill Program at Fisher Gold Project, Saskatchewan
By: Eagle Plains Resources Ltd.

Four Charts: Debt, Defaults and Bankruptcies To See Higher Gold
By: GoldCore

  Monday Edition:   March 19, 2018

Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold Gains While Stocks Drop
By: Chris Mullen, Gold Seeker Report

Ira Epstein's Metals Video 3 19 2018
By: Ira Epstein

GoldSeek Radio: Gerald Celente and Wolf Richter, and Chris Waltzek

SWOT Analysis: Tightened Supplies Could Be Good for Copper
By: Frank Holmes

Technical Scoop - Weekend Update Mar 19
By: David Chapman

Larry Kudlow Toes Wall Street’s Anti-Gold Company Line
By: Clint Siegner

The Wealth Machine That Rising Interest Rates Create And The Conflict With The National Debt (Part 2)
By: Daniel R. Amerman, CFA

2018 Reversal Dates for Gold, Silver and Gold Stocks
By: Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA

Standing Ready to Lease Gold
By: Keith Weiner

Is The U.S. Economy Really Growing?
By: Peter Cook, CFA

Pro-govt. Turkish paper reprints Manly's RT exposure of gold price suppression
By: Chris Powell

Yet Another Chart That Screams “Look Out!”
By: John Rubino

Bonds, Inflation And Amigos
By: Gary Tanashian

SIC Perspectives
By: John Mauldin

What are all those monetary metals derivatives held by a few big U.S. banks?
By: Chris Powell

RT publishes detailed report by Ronan Manly on gold price suppression
By: Chris Powell

Asian Metals Market Update: March-19-2018
By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants

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