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 Bid|Ask 1265.563   1265.637
 Low|High 1262.523   1286.653
 Change -21.74 -1.69%
Sep 02, 2014 14:47:37 EST
 1 Month -27.981   -2.16%
 1 Year -128.14 -9.19%
  Low|High 1,182.35 1,416.39

Live Silver Price

 Bid|Ask 19.20   19.21
 Low|High 19.09   19.50
 Change -0.23 -1.18%
Sep 02, 2014 14:47:44 EST
 1 Month -1.11   -5.46%
 1 Year -5 -20.66%
 Low|High $18.64 $24.49

Live Platinum Price

 Bid|Ask 1404.20   1413.45
 Low|High 1402.20   1425.00
 Change -14.50   -1.02%
Sep 02, 2014 13:47:00 EST

Live Palladium Price

 Bid|Ask 877.36   888.00
 Low|High 875.88   906.25
 Change -24.64   -2.73%
Sep 02, 2014 13:47:00 EST

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  Tuesday Edition:   September 02, 2014

I Didn’t Believe the IRS Anyway
By: Dennis Miller

Lois Lerner’s emails are back from the dead—sort of. The former IRS official’s BlackBerry, however, is still long gone. The IRS intentionally destroyed it in June 2012 (after congressional staffers interviewed Lerner about the IRS targeting conservative groups) as the Deputy Assistant Chief Counsel acknowledged in a recent sworn declaration.

How is Doug Casey Preparing for a Crisis Worse than 2008? He and His Fellow Millionaires Are Getting Back to Basics
By: The Mining Report

Trillions of dollars of debt, a bond bubble on the verge of bursting and economic distortions that make it difficult for investors to know what is going on behind the curtain have created what author Doug Casey calls a crisis economy. But he is not one to be beaten down. He is planning to make the most of this coming financial disaster by buying equities with real value—silver, gold, uranium, even coal. And, in this interview with The Mining Report, he shares his formula for determining which of the 1,500 "so-called mining stocks" on the TSX actually have value.

Anticipate Before You Participate: Patterns in Trading
By: Frank Holmes

The primary unit of time measurement for high-frequency traders might be the microsecond, but for normal retail traders, it’s vital to know the best months, days and even half-hours of the day to make market transactions. Consider Black Friday, the most active shopping day of the year. Let’s say a 60” 1080p plasma HDTV normally goes for around $900 but, on Black Friday, is discounted to $500. That’s a 44 percent savings. If you had a desire to own this TV and were somehow guaranteed a way to bypass the rabid mobs, you’d be a fool to spend $900 on it the day before.

Tabloid Version of Financial and Political News
By: GE Christenson

Maverick inventor creates high-tech magnet that extracts gold from sea water. Price of gold plunges to $750 per ounce. Goldman Sachs public relations specialist, Mr. I. R. Squid quoted as saying, “See, we were right and gold will drop even further...

Gold & Silver: Jobs Report Tactics
By: Stewart Thomson

Gold has a rough general tendency to decline during the week leading up to the release of the US Employment Situation Report (jobs report). Following the release of that report (Friday at 8:30AM), gold tends to begin a decent minor or intermediate trend rally. Gold has exhibited this trading pattern for quite some time. It is likely to continue to do so, for the foreseeable future.

ZIRP Morphs to NIRP
By: Turd Ferguson

Never in my wildest dreams did I envision having a job where I wrote about acronyms like "ZIRP" and "NIRP". But, I guess, never in my wildest dreams did I think that the world would get as utterly screwed up as it is. First, just to make sure we're all on the same page...

Something to "point at"?
By: Bill Holter

Not that you would know it by reading or viewing mainstream news last week, World War III took a very big leap towards going live. First, last Wednesday was the biggest news when Gazprom announced they would be selling oil and gas for rubles and yuan. We knew for a fact this was coming sooner or later, it has arrived. It is so important that you understand what this really means.

Central Banks Have Set the Stage For Another 2008 Type Event
By: Graham Summers

The Central Bank policies of the last five years have damaged the capital markets to the point that the single most important item is no longer developments in the real world, but how Central banks will respond to said developments. Let us take a moment to digest that. Before 2008, for the most part, when something happened in the world, an investor would think about how that issue would affect the markets. Today, that same investor will try to analyze how the Central Banks will react to that issue, not the impact of the issue itself.

Crouching Tiger (Palladium), Hidden Dragon (Platinum)
By: David H. Smith

By many accounts, palladium and platinum supplies are moving into record deficit territory, even as demand ramps up around the globe. Used primarily for catalytic converters, but also with other industrial and medical uses, not to mention investment bullion demand and applications in jewelry, these PGMs look like they are going to experience upward trending price volatility for the next few years.

Market Ratio Messages
By: Gary Tanashian

Using monthly charts I want to update more big picture views of where we stand in the financial markets. This is just a brief summary [edit; okay it's not so brief. In fact it had to be ended abruptly or else it would have just kept on rambling] and not meant as in depth analysis with finite conclusions.

Gold Market Update
By: Clive Maund

Gold and silver are at a critical juncture – either they break down to new lows soon or a major new uptrend is about to start. Which is it? – while we cannot be 100% sure either way, we can certainly attempt to figure which way they are likely to break.

The Precious Metals Complex : Contradiction and Potential
By: Rambus

In this Weekend Report I’d like to look at some of the Precious metals stock indexes as there was a fairly strong reversal off of the previous lows made over the last two months. It was one of those inflection points where the PM stock indexes could have gone either way. It just so happened that they all had a decent bounce off the lows with the last two days being up. We’ll examine some of the PM stock indexes in a minute but I would first like to show you the BPGDM as it’s still on a buy signal that was generated three weeks ago.

A Warning to Those Grown Bored with Gold
By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks

I’m starting to warm once again to gold. Like many of you, I never gave up on it, I had just grown too bored to care. With the bear market in bullion about to enter its fourth year, who could be blamed for losing interest? Gold has looked so punk for so long that every time it rallies sharply, I get that nagging feeling, as you probably do, that we’re about to get sandbagged for the umpteenth time. So why the change of heart?

Gold & Silver Market Morning
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch

The gold price closed at $1,287.30 down $2.00 on Friday in New York. In Asia and London, gold prices were lower in both the dollar and the euro at $1,275. The gold price was Fixed at $1,277.75 down $9.50 and in the euro at €974.42 down €4.924, while the euro was weaker at $1.3113. Ahead of New York’s opening, gold was trading at $1,270.60 and in the euro at €968.85.

3 Important Gold Charts - Transparent Holdings Fall As Bullion Goes East To Russia and China
By: GoldCore

While there would obviously be some data issues in collecting gold holdings data from periods such as the 1970s and 1980s, more importantly, there was a very limited choice of accessible gold vehicles and the futures markets were in their infancy. It was only since the early 2000s that the choice of gold vehicles, and therefore high quality holdings information, became available.

  Monday Edition:   September 01, 2014 Radio: Louis Navellier & Bob Hoye, and your host Chris Waltzek

GDXJ: Opportunity Knocks + A Warning to Those Grown Bored with Gold
By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks

Here's why the gold and silver miners don't complain about price suppression
By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA

Thoughts from the Frontline: Growth
By: John Mauldin

When Complexity Becomes Chaos
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis

Inflation - Crash Course Chapter 11
By: Adam Taggart

Central banks get discounts for trading EVERYTHING through CME Group and Comex
By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA

Gold and Silver – Elite’s NOW Losing Traction. Expect [More] War.
By: Michael Noonan

When will the war in Ukraine hit global financial markets?
By: Peter Cooper

Gold & Silver Market Morning
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch

Palladium Breaks Multi-Year High Over $900; Russian SWIFT Payment Ban Proposed By UK
By: GoldCore

Precious Metals Continue To Show Weakness With One Exception
By: Warren Bevan

Asian Metals Market Update
By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants

  Friday Edition:   August 29, 2014

Gold Seeker Weekly Wrap-Up: Gold Ends Slightly Higher on the Week
By: Chris Mullen,

Cataclysmic Observations
By: Andrew Hoffman

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - August 29, 2014

Gold Miners Consolidate and Hold Support
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT

Corporations Join Droves Renouncing US Citizenship
By: Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor,

The wages-fuel-demand fallacy
By: Alasdair Macleod Radio Gold Nugget: Bob Hoye & Chris Waltzek

The Credit Gradient
By: Keith Weiner

HUI Timing Boxes
By: Gary Tanashian

Gold & Silver Market Morning
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch

“Central Banks Should Give Money Directly To The People” – Gold Bullish CFR Proposal
By: GoldCore

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 Bid|Ask 1.07824   1.07829
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 Change 0.0069   0.64%
Sep 02, 2014 13:47:47 EST
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Sep 02, 2014 13:47:49 EST
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Sep 02, 2014 13:47:46 EST
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Sep 02, 2014 10:24:02 EST
 Bid|Ask 1.31238   1.31242
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 Change -0.0007   -0.05%
Sep 02, 2014 13:47:49 EST
 Bid|Ask 61.08   61.091
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 Change 0   0%
Sep 02, 2014 07:17:22 EST
 Bid|Ask 105.136   105.141
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Sep 02, 2014 13:47:52 EST
 Bid|Ask 13.11733   13.12023
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 Change 0.0276   0.21%
Sep 02, 2014 13:46:05 EST
 Bid|Ask 1.2035   1.20366
 Low|High 1.19226   1.20589
 Change 0.0111   0.93%
Sep 02, 2014 13:47:44 EST
 Bid|Ask 37.4499   37.4692
 Low|High 37.244   37.4934
 Change 0.1492   0.4%
Sep 02, 2014 13:47:49 EST
 Bid|Ask 10.74149   10.74453
 Low|High 10.66725   10.74773
 Change 0.0687   0.64%
Sep 02, 2014 13:47:35 EST
 Bid|Ask 0.91956   0.91966
 Low|High 0.91892   0.92118
 Change 0.0002   0.02%
Sep 02, 2014 13:47:44 EST

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